I Am The Messenger: Book Review

5/5 Stars

“Sometimes people are beautiful.
Not in looks.
Not in what they say.
Just in what they are.”

Ed Kennedy uses this quote to discuss a couple he has just helped out, but in reality it also describes him.

The book begins with a bank robbery and how Ed and his (as Ed puts it) asshole friend, Marv are on the ground why the robber is holding the bank up. Marv who is not afraid of the bank robber begins talking loudly and the bank robber becomes angry at Marv and Ed. The bank robber needs to scram and takes Marv keys to his (also in Ed’s words) shitty car. Marv is very defensive about his Falcon, and doesn’t take lightly to anybody who talks poorly of it. Why the robber attempts to escape he drops the gun, which Ed picks up and aims right in the robber’s eyes while he’s in the car. This causes the robber to give up and he gets arrested. Ed is labeled as the town hero and (SPOILER ALERT:) the robber has had a plan with Ed even before the bank robbery. 

Ed receives 5 cards, the 4 aces and the Joker. Each of these cards contain either blatant names, addresses, or a riddle to solve in order to get the true clue. Ed must go to these locations and meet with these people and try to help them out. It could range from buying a mom an ice cream cone, giving a Pastor a crowd, or killing a man.

This book is very inspiring, and has a “Pay it Forward” aura around it. Ed shows that even people who think they are a nobody can be a somebody in a small way globally, but in a big way personally. This book is a heartwarming tale about Ed Kennedy, the underage cab driver, and how he helps his asshole friends, dysfunctional family, and the members of his community.


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