watcher or player

Movie Name: Nerve

Duration: 1 Hour 36 Minutes

Rating: 4/5 Stars

I want to start by saying this movie exceeded ALL expectations I had for it. What I mean by that is that I didn’t think this movie would be done so well. I actually thought it would be quite awful, but boy was I wrong! Solid 4/5 from me!

In the beginning we see Venus (goes by Vee), a girl from Staten Island, going throughout her morning and how she desperately wants to go to this arts college, unfortunately for her, it’s on the opposite side of the country and Vee’s too scared to even tell her own mother she wants to move across the country and attend the college of her dreams. Her mom doesn’t want her too far from home after her older brothers death two years prior. And guess what? He was a daredevil y’all.

Vee’s deceased brother, labeled as being the complete opposite of Vee, was a daredevil and never afraid to do anything. Vee lives a more reserved lifestyle and does not try to get out there and would much rather work on her love of photography.  However, this all changes when her best friend Sydney goes up to Vee’s crush (captain of the jocks type guy) to talk to him for her and turns out he’s not interested in her. This causes Vee to become incredibly angry and leave and in a fit of anger signs up for Nerve.


The game is able to take all your information from all social media profiles so it knows what you like or what you fear.*dun dun dun duunnnnnn*

Vee’s first task is to kiss a complete stranger and lo and behold we have Prince Charming reading her favorite book  (Which we find out it was give to him by some watcher. The game got the info that it was her favorite book from Facebook) Now… lets take a moment of silence to just recognize the beauty of Dave Francos work out art (face).

dave franco

This is Ian, a famous Nerve player with a dark past. Him and Vee link up to join forces and play the game together. This leads to a whirlwind of adventures including stolen motorcycles rides, partial streaking, and tattoos. Oh My!

nerve motorcycle

This movie was way better than I expected and it’s a high paced adventure action movie. I was not bored for one second and there’s guest appearances by Casey Neistat, Machine Gun Kelly (I was fangirling when I saw him so much), and OITNB star, Samira Wiley! I didn’t give it 5 stars because I only save that for movies that made me think a lot after. This is just a fun movie to see and hell.. it might even make a daredevil out of you! Oh and did I mention someone gets shot?! Go see for yourself!

Nerve is playing in all theatres now!

casey and james.gif




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