Why Suicide Squad is not as bad as the critics make it (Movie Review)

Hello Everybody! I’m back after a week break to bring you some new reviews! For my birthday I wanted to see Suicide Squad and I have to say, I had some expectations of this movie…and it EXCEEDED THEM ALL!

Rating: 5/5 Stars

Duration: 2 Hours 10 Minutes

I saw this movie on Saturday morning and after seeing the critics reviews I was quite scared to see this movie. I saw it had pretty biased bad ratings on Rotten Tomatoes and MetaCritic.

If you’re unsure to see this movie because of those sources do not follow them! IMDB has the fairest and most accurate rating in my opinion, with 7/10 Stars.

Most Critics complained about plot holes or inconsistency, but with a cast as large as the one in Suicide Squad, it’s difficult to develop so many characters without making the movie 4 hours long (Which I would not mind seeing…just saying)

The time each character did have was great and it really gave you a sneak peak into their character which can be developed on in Suicide Squad 2 (if we are blessed with this.)

The plot inconsistency could be due to how many scenes were cut out, especially of the Joker’s scenes. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yns5SyERGV4) I do hope they create a Joker Edition of Suicide Squad when it comes out on DVD with the missing scenes.


I feel with the inclusion of these missing scenes perhaps the movie will become clearer to those who were confused.

It has loads of action, lots of crazies

cap boom 1

with a diverse cast of characters that will have their stories expanded upon, hopefully in the next Suicide Squad movie, or perhaps a Suicide Squad prequel after they create the sequel.

The movie although is long (just a little more than 2 hours) that time flies and you’re put right into action from the get go. The brief bios that Amanda Waller (otherwise known as the Voice of God) gives are so little of what the characters really are. That is my only complaint for this movie. Is that it did cut out too many scenes.

voice of god.gif

Ones that would allow people to see who the characters really are and I’m not just talking about the Joker. They cut out many of Captain Boomerang’s sexist and racist jokes that he makes because that’s who he is. A sexist racist Australian man and people need to know that because it’s quite a large part of his dialogue whenever he appears in the comics/animated features.

Overall I recommend not following the critics and see this movie and come up with an opinion on your own. You may love it or hate it. I expected to walk in and hate it, but came out loving it. It’s a love it or hate it type of movie, but don’t let rough reviews scare you away. If you do want to see this movie.





4 thoughts on “Why Suicide Squad is not as bad as the critics make it (Movie Review)

  1. This movie had *SO* much potential with it’s cast and plot, and Ayer and Warner Brothers just took a big shit on it. It’s such a messy disaster. I was definitely entertained by it, but I can’t comprehend how die-hard DC fans can say it’s a good movie. It’s an entertaining movie, but it’s a disaster of a film.


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