Suicide Squad! Funko Pop Review!

Hello Guys and Gals and Meta-Humans! For my birthday last Friday I received these beauties! I was already obsessed with Suicide Squad before it came out and I aim to own a lot of merchandise from them lol.

Anyways…I got The Joker, Harley Quinn, and the Killer Croc Funko Pop figures and I could not be happier with how awesome they are (then again has anyone ever gotten a bad Funko Pop Figure?)

Let’s begin with The Joker (Pop Heroes! Figure #96)


This figure is so cute! Honestly how detailed these Pop figures are always amaze me. The Joker is wearing his Arkham sweat pants (Which I need to find for myself haha.) His uneven “lipstick” (I don’t know what you would really call it, but if you know comment down below!) Which was based off the scene with the Joker in his room is also an awesome detail and his grills are even acknowledged! I also love the Michael Jackson, one glove thing he gots going on! Mistah J really has good style influences.

IMG_3849Here’s a close up of the Joker’s tattoos, which look even better in person!

Next up is my favorite figure of the bunch so far…The Infamous Harley Quinn! (Read in Joker’s voice)

harley quinn.gif

This figure is extremely and I mean extremely detailed. The tattoos on her legs, the holes in her shirt, and I’m surprised they did not include the Puddin necklace though. I would have liked to see that, but the other details make up for it. I’m so glad they included her baseball bat with Good Night on it. I’m just in love with it. Who else wants a bad ass bat like this?

Good nght

They also included the Rotten tattoo and the Property of the Joker jacket (which I also need.) And this Pop figure is different from the others that I known because it includes a circle stand as well

IMG_3856Do any other Pop figures have this? Let me know below!

Finally, my favorite villain, who I think is very under-appreciated, is half man, half croc, but all killer, Killer Croc!

killer croc

I don’t know I’ve always loved Waylon Jones (Killer Croc) and his backstory just makes me so sad 😦 He is a sweet cinnamon bun who eats people who deserves his own comic.

Once again, there is such great detail! Everything is perfect and I’m obsessed with his jacket! I need it in my life! I know you can get this coat for $60 so perhaps for Christmas I’ll treat myself to it or the Harley Quinn’s coat. I just think they’re so cool!


I love these figures and I hope to acquire the other ones because these things are bad ass and awesome! Do check them out because they’re incredibly detailed and great for any fan of the movie or the comics of Suicide Squad! 🙂


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