2017 is here! Tips to make it your best year ever!

Hey Guys! Sorry for the long hiatus! Things have been hectic with applying to colleges, scholarships, the holidays, etc! The end of the year is always so crazy and yet here we are on the first day of 2017! This is crazy to me that it’s already the new year! I’ve said to myself multiple times today that I need to make this the best year ever!

So here are some tips for you that I will be using as well to make 2017 the most productive year ever!

Tip 1 : Buy a Notebook or a Planner!

These things literally can cost only $1 at your dollar store and it will help you so much! Writing a list of goals and having it there to see will remind you daily of your goals, tasks, or events that are happening on any day of the year! I would recommend buying both a notebook and planner and here’s why,

PlannerKeeps you organized with dates, events, tests, homework, meetings, etc.

NotebookKeeps your thoughts organized and allows you to vent or let out your creative juices, which a planner may not have the space for 

My notebook recommendation!


Moleskine is a must have for notebooks, and I know many instagrammers who practice Hobonichi (Japanese saying that means almost everyday) and the paper is phenomenal to write on (when you do, you’ll see what I mean lol)

I’m currently using only a notebook since my planner is my phone (Although I probably will buy a physical copy soon because they keep me focused more)


On the first page of my notebook are my 2017 Resolutions to always remind myself of my goals when I sit down to write in my notebook. I recommend writing a little motivational note to yourself as well on the first page or have a family member/friend write one for you!


Tip #2: Set realistic goals for yourself!

You can’t make goals that you physically can’t accomplish in a certain time frame such as

Today’s To Do:

1.) Clean and organize house

2.) Paint house

3.) Study for 3 hours

and you get the point to accomplish all three of these things would mean you are the Flash and you need to contact me right away lol If you make outrageous goals such as these in an inadequate time frame and don’t follow through then, you’ll only leave yourself dejected and unmotivated. Break you to-do list down into achievable increments! This way you’ll feel accomplished and motivated to work on your next tasks.

Tip #3: Don’t feel dejected if you don’t follow through

What I mean by this is if your resolution or goal for 2017 is to go to the gym 2-3 times a  week and one week you don’t go at all, DO NOT FEEL UNMOTIVATED! You may feel like you’ve already messed up and failed, but that may happen and you need to learn to just keep going and make sure you hit the gym the following week. Don’t lose sight of your goal when a few mishaps happen because that will happen and you need to be able to get passed your mini-obstacles to make it to your end goal!

This doesn’t just go for the gym or health wise, if you’re goal is to get all As and Bs on tests/quizzes and you get a C or below on a test or quiz DO NOT FEEL UNMOTIVATED! Slip ups happen in life and what we can do is learn from them and continue on our path of getting through 2017!

These are three tips I have for you currently and will probably post more at a later time! I hope your first day of the New Year was a good one and we make this year our most productive year yet!



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