Snow White Graphic Novel Review

4/5 Stars

Title: Snow White A Graphic Novel

Author: Matt Phelan

Page Count: 216 Pages!

Where to buy: Here or Here 

Hey Guys! This was the first book I have read in 2017! I read this the first week in January, but I’ve been behind on reviews (When am I not? Lol) I have a few more books to review as well, but we’ll deal with that later. Let’s talk about this 1930s retelling of Snow White told in graphic novel form!

This book is very cute, simple, sweet, and to the point! There is scarce dialogue, but the art in this graphic novel really carries the story! If you’re looking more for a graphic novels that’s wordy with great art, this probably isn’t for you!

If you simply just enjoy an easy read with beautiful art and a very cute story I say give this book a shot!

I’m a very big fan of fairytales and fantasy! All the books (besides school books) that I’ve read this year have been one of those two genres and I have not been disappointed!

This retelling was one I picked up because I had a lot of gift cards at Christmas-time and this is a book I’ve been wanting to get, but never had the justification for spending the money to get it. Until everybody I knew gave me a Barnes and Noble Gift Card (what can I say? I’m quite predictable lol)

The art was beautiful and it only took me 10-15 minutes to read the story the first time around, but I spent another hour going back and looking at all the art and all the small details. Here are some examples of what I mean!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

See what I mean! Absolutely stunning! It’s a very cute story and a must have for all Snow White fans or fairy tale fans!

And that’s all she wrote xoxo

Until next time!


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